PAHC Fall Specialty  - Sept 25, 2015 - Broad Run, VA
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          Afghan Hound

About Us


The Potomac Afghan Hound Club is a group of dedicated Afghan Hound owners across Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.  

We have members with experience in agility, obedience, lure coursing, and conformation events and who take pride in breeding healthy, happy dogs.

Our club offers rescue and assistance locating breeders with available dogs and puppies, holds an annual conformation show, and enjoys gathering on a regular basis.

The stated purposes of the Potomac Afghan Hound Club (PAHC) are to:

provide a means of bringing together those genuinely interested in Afghan Hounds,

acquire and disseminate knowledge and appreciation of the Afghan Hound breed,

encourage and promote ownership, care, training, exhibiting and breeding of purebred AKC registered Afghan Hounds,

establish, support and maintain high standards of excellence in these areas.

and encourage good sportsmanship in all activities.

For more information about our Club, the breed, or for assistance in locating an Afghan Hound for your family, please feel free to contact us!

Club Officers

President  -  Ken Hudson

Vice President  -  Beth Anne Hall

Secretary  -  Ann Nicholson

Treasurer  -  Linda Jordan

Board Members

Karen Wagner

David Hall

Kitty Davis

Jay Johnson

Bob Jordan

Club Contacts

Spring Specialty  -  Dianne Wagman

Fall Specialty  -  Ken Hudson

Judges Chair  -  Karen Wagner

Awards Chairs  -  Ellen Klosson, Jen Wager

Match Chair  -  Alexandra Treadaway

Coursing Chairs  -  Bob Jordan, Linda Jordan

Rescue Chair  -  Dianne Wagman

Breeder Referral Chair -  Karen Wagner

Education Chair  -  Jen Wager

Membership Chairs - Ann Nicholson, Bryce Norris

Website Chair  -  Debbie Bulgher

Auditing Chairs  -  Ann Nicholson, Ken Hudson

Parliamentarian  -  Ken Hudson